Rescuers in Nepal have so far recovered 14 bodies from the crash site of a small plane carrying 22 people, an airport official said on Monday.

The wreckage of the plane, operated by Nepali carrier Tara Air, was recovered in Mustang district in northern Nepal.

The passenger plane was on a 20-minute flight on Sunday when it lost contact with air traffic control five minutes before it was due to land.

The search is ongoing for the remaining passengers.

Nepal has had a fraught record of aviation accidents, often due to its sudden weather changes and airstrips located in rocky terrains that are difficult to access.

In early 2018, a US-Bangla flight carrying 71 people from Dhaka in Bangladesh caught fire as it landed in Kathmandu, killing 51 people.

More recently, three people died in a plane crash in April 2019 when the aircraft veered off the runway and hit a stationary helicopter at Lukla Airport – considered one of the most tricky runways to navigate.