Public Defender, Arlene Harrison Henry says her office has seen evidence which suggests that 19-residents of Tivoli Gardens were unlawfully killed by the security forces during the May 2010 West Kingston Operation.

Mrs. Harrison-Henry says the state should compensate the estate of the casualties with $4.6-million each.

That suggestion from the Public Defender is among 17-recommendations contained in her report which was published following the recent completion of 90 days of public hearings at the Enquiry.

The first recommendation coming out of the Public Defender’s report, is that the Government should make a public apology for the unlawful acts that were committed during the operation.

Mrs. Harrison Henry says the apology will assist in bringing reconciliation and hope to a community which remains resentful and bitter.

In approximately 2-weeks, the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry, is expected to submit to Governor General, Sir Patrick Allen, its final report on findings and recommendations, surrounding the events that transpired during the deadly operation.

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Mrs. Harrison Henry also wants the retired Chief of Defence Staff for the JDF, Major General Stewart Saunders to face charges for authorizing the use of mortars during the operation.

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Mrs. Harrison Henry says the Commission must also recommend to Parliament that the use of mortars in any community, whether urban or rural, should be prohibited.

The Public Defender has also recommended that it be made a criminal offence for members of the security forces to wear masks while on duty – except for medical reasons or where written permission is received from the Police Commissioner.

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