A man has reportedly confessed to murder in relation to the killing of a 91-year-old man from St. Ann, last week.

Twenty-five-year-old farmer, Andrae Campbell, otherwise called Speedy has been charged with murder.

He’s from Battersea in Cave Valley, St. Ann.

Campbell is charged with the murder of 91-year-old Zoneel Hanson.

Reports from the police are last Thursday morning Mr. Hanson’s daughter went to his house after failing to reach him by phone.

Mr. Hanson’s daughter reportedly discovered his body in a pool of blood on his bed.

Mr. Hanson reportedly had chop wounds to his neck and right hand.

Acting on information, the police say Campbell was taken into custody.

During a search of his home, partially burnt clothes were found with what appeared to be blood stains.

According to the police, Campbell confessed to the murder during a question and answer session.