Three more people have died on the nation’s roads, bringing the total number of road fatalities since January to a whopping 425.

The Road Safety Unit says 29 people have died in 24 days this month.

Director of the Road Safety Unit, Kenute Hare, says as Christmas approaches, both motorists and pedestrians should exercise greater care on the roads.

He says they’re appealing to motorists to cut their speed, look out for vulnerable road users, and never to overtake on a bend or at a junction.

He’s also stressing the importance of using seatbelts for drivers, passengers and especially children, who should be secured in the appropriate protective devices.

The Road Safety Unit says the 425 deaths were the result of 388 fatal crashes.

Motorcyclists, pedestrians, passengers in private cars, and drivers of private cars, account for 83% of road fatalities.