Three of the 25 people brought before the Supreme Court on allegations of being part of the so-called Uchence Wilson-led gang, have been freed.

All 25 were facing charges of being part of a criminal organization, allegedly ran by Uchence Wilson and Fitzroy Scott.

Tauna Thomas reports

When the trial resumed this morning Junior Rose and Shadae Beckford, were found not guilty of being part of a criminal organization.

During the trial the prosecution argued that Rose participated in robberies and shop breakings.

The prosecution also argued that Beckford assisted a criminal organisation.

Beckford was the only alleged member of the gang who was granted bail.

She was pregnant and ill at the time of her arrest.

Last month, Constable Stephan Martin, was freed of charges of being apart of a criminal organisation.

He’s now before the Kingston & St. Andrew Parish court on charges of receiving stolen property.

In pre-trial hearings Constable Martin was alleged to be a spotter for the alleged gang.

Meanwhile, attorney, Lloyd McFarlane is at this hour making a no case submission for his client, alleged gang leader Uchence Wilson.

Mr. McFarlane told the court the prosecution has failed to prove an essential part of their case.

The attorney says seven of the 34 counts leveled against his client have already been dropped by the prosecution.

Mr. McFarlane argues the prosecution hasn’t successfully placed his client at a number of the robberies detailed in their submission.

He also argues that the Crown has failed to prove the day on which a number of the robberies occurred.

Mr. McFarlane says the Crown has also failed to prove possession of a firearm or assault.

Wilson is also accused of rape.

But Mr. McFarlane argues that the Crown’s witness has failed to legally demonstrate that a rape took place.