39 members of the Constabulary Force, JCF, are in quarantine.

It’s understood that several of them have been exposed to people with the Coronavirus, in the course of their duty as first responders. 

That’s according to a JCF document being circulated on social media, which lists names, ranks, stations and where members are quarantined. 

Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson, has ordered a high-level investigation to determine how the sensitive document was leaked.

Some of the quarantined members of the police force are residents of 7 and 8 Miles in Bull Bay, St Andrew.

The two communities were placed under quarantine earlier this month. 

The Police Federation is also raising concerns about the circulation of the list.

In a statement to JCF members, Police Federation Chairman, Sergeant Patrae Rowe, warned against sharing the personal details of those quarantined.

He says it’s a serious breach of trust and confidence, which he says puts members of the Constabulary at risk and called for those sharing the list to face disciplinary action.

The concerns follow reports of discrimination against several nurses by taxi operators, who reportedly refused to transport them, due to fears relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Sergeant Rowe confirmed to Nationwide News that some JCF members were in quarantine.

He says while the Constabulary is working to procure much-needed protective gear for its members, there remains a shortage.

Sergeant Rowe is urging people to cooperate with the Police during this difficult period.