Just over 4,000 persons have been detained in the St Catherine North Police Division since the State of Public Emergency was declared on March 18 this year.

Ground Commander for the State of Emergency in St. Catherine North, Senior Superintendent of Police, SSP, Gary Griffiths, says of that number some 443 individuals have been arrested and charged.

Parliament yesterday, approved an extension of the enhanced security measure in the police division for another three months.

SSP Griffiths says the operations have afforded the security forces greater intelligence on the gangs and criminals plaguing the division.

He says the operations have also led to the detention of over 20 wanted men and at least two corrupt policemen.

Senior Superintendent Griffiths says the progress they’ve made in St. Catherine North under the State of Public Emergency is to be sustained long after the enhanced security measure comes to an end.

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He says there were 77 murders when the State of Emergency started, but only 15, since then.

Senior Superintendent Griffiths says the murder clear-up rate has also improved by 55-percent.
He says the security forces have made significant progress in containing the two gangs that have held Spanish Town under siege for years– the One Order and the Klansman gangs.

SSP Griffiths says his team has conducted a number of displacement operations across parish borders as far as St Ann and St Thomas. He says these operations have made his team more familiar with the inner workings of the gangs.

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He says the operations have also weeded out two members of the Constabulary who have been slapped with corruption charges.

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