Opposition Spokesman on National SecurityFitz Jackson says each member of the force should be given a $100,000 bonus payment on their December salary.

In a statement over the weekend, Mr. Jackson called on the government to provide a one off payment to overworked security personnel who are suffering from burn-out.

He says the government’s decision to deploy security personnel in SOE areas, while destroying effective policing across the other Police Divisions has burned out members of the JCF at all ranks.

Mr Jackson says the country’s security forces need to be encouraged in light of the over-extended demands on it’s members.

However Mr. Jackson who made the proposal wasn’t able to say while speaking on Nationwide this morning how much it would cost the government to make a bonus payment to all security personnel.

He later said the one off payment would cost $1.2 billion if each member is given $100-thousand as part of their salary this month.

The Opposition Spokesman on National Security says the bonus is the least the government could do for the members who’ve been overworked.

Fitz Jackson, Opposition Spokesman on National Security speaking on Nationwide this morning with Patria-Kaye Aarons and Rodje Malcolm.