Official figures from the Electoral Office of Jamaica, EOJ, indicate that there was a five percent decline in voter turnout among the police, military and Election Day workers, compared to 2011.

The EOJ says of the 39,108 special services personnel registered to vote, 24,721 cast their ballots yesterday.

This represents a voter turnout of 63-percent.

In 2011, voter turnout among special services personnel was 68-percent.

Election day workers and members of the security forces are required by law to vote three days before a general election, so they are free to work on election day.

Yesterday there was a 70-percent voter turnout of Election Day workers, compared to just under 75-percent in 2011.

Fifty-three percent of registered police personnel voted yesterday, compared to 56-percent in 2011.

Voting among military personnel was 36-percent this year, compared to almost 40-percent in 2011.

This morning our news center reported an increase in voter turn out for election day workers based on a comparison of yesterday’s figures with the voter turnout from the March 2012 Local Government Election.