Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the government will be moving to source $US160 million or $JA20 billion to address water concerns in the corporate area.

Prime Minister Holness says extensive work will be required to ensure the future of Jamaica’s water supply.

He was addressing the House of Representatives last evening, as sections of the corporate area continue to struggle with frequent water restrictions.

Prime Minister Holness says low rainfall has contributed to low water levels in the corporate area’s main catchment facilities.

He says this has been coupled with ageing pipes and other infrastructure issues which affect the distribution of water to customers.

He says the National Water Commission will also begin laying pipes through emergency procurement to gradually improve water distribution in some of the most affected communities in the coming months.

Water Restrictions

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Holness says water restrictions will be undertaken to ensure all corporate area residents receive at least three to four days of water every week.

The Prime Minister says the government will also review the amount provided for trucking with an interest to increase it.

He’s also urging Jamaicans to conserve water, and is hoping things will improve as the rainy season approaches.

The Opposition Reacts

In the meantime, Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips lashed the government for what he sees as the tardy response to the water crisis.

The Opposition Leader drew a distinction between the political directorate and the National Water Commission, which he says has acted with speed and professionalism to the crisis to the best of their ability.

He says the water crisis facing Jamaica is the worst in recent history.

Dr. Phillips also lashed the government for its management of the ongoing road works in the corporate area.

He says affected business should seek compensation from the government.

Dr. Peter Phillips, Leader of the Opposition.

He was speaking in the House of Representatives last evening.