Kalilah Reynolds reports.

Seven out of every ten Jamaicans approve of the job Andrew Holness is doing as Prime Minister.

While fewer than 4 of every ten Jamaicans approve of the job Dr. Peter Phillips is doing as Opposition Leader.

That’s according to the latest Nationwide Bluedot polls.

70-per cent of those questioned said they either strongly or somewhat approved of the job the Prime Minister is doing.

46-per cent said they strongly approved, while 24-per cent said they somewhat approved of the Prime Minister’s performance.

15-per cent said they strongly disapproved of his job performance, while 7-per cent disapproved.  

That’s a total of 22-per cent disapproving of his performance in running the country.

Prime Minister Holness’ job approval numbers are way ahead of the Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips.

The PNP leader is under water as those approving his job performance are 8-per cent fewer than those who disapprove.

37-per cent of the respondents told the Bluedot pollsters that they either strongly or somewhat approve of Dr. Phillips performance as Opposition Leader.

However, 45-per cent said they either strongly or somewhat disapproved.

The job approval numbers virtually mirror the favourability ratings of both national leaders.

A majority of 61-per cent view Prime Minister Holness positively. 17-per cent view him very positively and 44 per cent say they had a positive view of him.

19-per cent viewed the Prime Minister either negatively or very negatively. 5-per cent had a very negative view of him, while 14-per cent saw him in a negative way.

For the Opposition Leader, only 27-per cent had either a very positive or positive view of him. 23-per cent viewed him in a positive light while 4-per cent viewed him very positively.

Those viewing Dr. Phillips negatively totalled 30-per cent. 3-percentage points more than those who viewed him positively.  

43-per cent had no opinion of the PNP President. This is twice as many of the 21-per cent who had no opinion of Prime Minister Holness.

The Bluedot poll was conducted between July 20 and August 6 among 1200 Jamaicans across all 63 constituencies in the country.

They are all registered to vote in the upcoming general elections. The poll has a margin of error of 2.75-percent.