Colonel of the Accompong Maroons, Fearon Williams and its Bank Governor, Chief Timothy McPherson are seemingly at odds as more revelations unfold about the community’s Central Solar Reserve Bank.

Chief McPherson is also the Finance Minister of the St. Elizabeth based Maroon village.

The community has been in the spotlight in recent weeks as ongoing debates deepen about the Maroon’s autonomy, their right to establish a bank and circulate its own money, the Lumi.

Chief McPherson told Nationwide more than a week ago that the Bank of Jamaica, BOJ, had no jurisdiction over the Accompong Central Solar Reserve Bank, because the Maroon community is a sovereign state.

However during another Nationwide follow up over the weekend, Colonel Williams says he disagreed from the beginning with his Bank Governor.

He also told Nationwide that Chief McPherson had been going through the back door in his efforts to have the Bank fully operational.

Nationwide’s Patria-Kaye Aarons journeyed to the Maroon Community on Friday where she sat with Colonel Williams.

The Maroon Colonel claims Chief McPherson had initially maintained communication with him about plans for the Bank.

However he says the communication eventually a breakdown.

The Colonel says Chief McPherson was seeking employees for the Central Solar Reserve Bank without informing him.

Colonel Williams says he has since given Chief McPherson a notice to cease and desist any activity on behalf of the Accompong Maroons.

In the meantime…According to Chief McPherson, the Lumi is already in circulation in Accompong.

He told Nationwide that the discounted exchange rate in the village is 1 Lumi to $1,000 Jamaican dollars.

There’ve been concerns about these financial operations.

The BOJ says the Banking Services Act prohibits persons from engaging in activities involving the taking of deposits or in any other banking business without a license being issued.

The BOJ says the Maroon Bank is not among BOJ-regulated banks, nor is it known to regulators of cooperatives and the credit union movement.

Chief McPherson has said the BOJ, has no jurisdictions over the Central Solar Reserve Bank because the Maroon community is a sovereign state.

But Colonel Williams disagrees and informed McPherson that they needed the Jamaican government and BOJ’s approval to set up the bank.

Tauna Thomas for Nationwide News.