The St James Parish Court has granted a request for bail variation for England McCrane, the woman who’s accused of being a ‘quack doctor’, following a physical altercation with her previous property owner.

McCrane, who’s been referred to as “England McCrane” and “Dr McCrane”, was charged with forgery, uttering forged documents, obtaining money by false pretences, and breaches of the Medical Act.

She was in custody for several months following a refusal by presiding judge Sandra Wong Small to give bail until McCrane’s true identity was confirmed.

She was eventually given bail on June 26.

As part of her bail conditions, McCrane was allowed to live at a particular place and report to the police three times per week.

Judge Wong Small had also placed a stop order against her.

However, when the matter was called up in court on October 10, McCrane’s lawyer Martyn Thomas made an application to the court for a variation of his client’s bail conditions.

Thomas told the court that the relationship between McCrane and the person she was residing with had broken down considerably, and had become physical.

He says the matter was reported to the police.

At the next court date on Wednesday, October 16, the police said they had no objection to the new address being requested.

The request was granted after the judge was satisfied that McCrane was meeting her reporting conditions.

She’s to return to court on December 19.