Acting Principal of Oberlin High School, Antoinette Gray believes some students were overpowered by the anointing during devotions after several of them fell to the ground screaming.

A video of the students after the religious exercise early Wednesday morning is circulating on social media.

In a release from the school Ms Gray says the students started worshipping aloud, some were not able to control themselves and a few also fainted.

This after one of the teachers was given the opportunity to speak to them.

Ms Gray says the teacher had previously indicated that she had “a Word” for the student population.

In the video circulating on social media students can be seen lying on the ground and acting in an abnormal manner.

Some had their eyes closed. They were also making unusual sounds.

Miss Gray says the nurse along with other teachers tried to calm them while others offered a word of prayer.

School was dismissed early.

Nationwide News understands that the matter has been reported to the Ministry of Education.