Former Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, has testified that prominent clergyman, the Reverend Al Miller, had started efforts to get Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke to surrender himself during the incursion by the security forces — even before he spoke with him.

Mr. Golding gave testimony today under cross-examination by attorney, Jacqueline Samuels-Brown, who’s representing Reverend Miller in another court matter.

Reverend Miller is facing a charge of harbouring a fugitive arising from his efforts in 2010 to have Coke surrender to law enforcement authorities at the US Embassy, in St. Andrew.

Mr. Golding says, when they met, Reverend Miller said he was already in touch in with representatives of the US Embassy and the Police High Command about having Coke surrender.

He says when he spoke with Reverend Miller, the clergyman was not seeking his ‘permission’ to intervene.

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Mr. Golding says he welcomed Reverend Miller’s intervention.

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Bruce Golding, former Prime Minister, testifying this morning at the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry.

Mr. Golding testified that he couldn’t tell the precise point when he’d spoken with Reverend Miller about his intervention.

But he says it was some time during the commencement of the operation by the security forces to capture Coke and an abatement in hostilities.

Mr. Golding was earlier cross-examined by attorney for the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Deborah Martin.