A senior attorney at law Bert Samuels is taking issue with a pronouncement with the Constabulary’s Corporate Communications Unit head, SSP Stephanie Lindsay.

Lindsay is alleging the police do not require a warrant to enter a citizen’s home once they’ve been identified as a person of interest.

She made the claim while responding to the incident involving a man seen on a viral video insulting the Prime Minister for re-imposing the 8 p.m. nightly curfew.

But Senior Counsel, Bert Samuels, is taking issue with the classification being used by the police.

Social media users have reacted with outrage at what they say was an invasion of Mr. Higgins’ home.

Mr. Samuels is also challenging the idea that a warrant is not required to enter a citizen’s home.

He says the police require reasonable cause to enter.

Bert Samuels, Attorney at law.

Both were speaking last evening on Nationwide at 5.