The Attorney representing defendant Carl Beech in the Klansman gang trial is demanding her client be freed, noting someone is already being tried for a murder to which the Prosecution is trying to link her client.

According to Cecile Griffiths Ashton, Mr Beech is no gang member and should not be labelled as such.

She says the first witness noted he knew Beech from Lauriston, St. Catherine, and would often greet him.

But she says the witness was unable to provide any other details about her client including the identity of the persons he says he’d seen Beech speaking with in Lauriston.

Stevian Sappleton reports…

Mrs Griffiths Ashton also notes another witness explained her client would accompany him at political meetings in Spanish Town.

But she says those are normal activities that her client who she says is a hard working man, would engage in.

She notes, one of the witnesses, a self confessed former gang member testified that her client helped the Klans gangster ‘run a program’ on a man called Outlaw, who they’ve accused of conspiring to murder.

But Mrs Griffiths Ashton says interestingly someone else is before the courts answering to that murder charge.

She says the Prosecution in that case is using eye witness testimony to try the accused.

“The investigating officer testified that when Mr Beech was charged in relation to Outlaw’s murder he was aware that someone else is being tried for that murder and the case is an eye witness account, so Mi Lord think about that” Mrs Griffiths Ashton pleaded.

But Presiding Judge Chief Justice Bryan Sykes notes the Prosecution is not saying Beech committed the murder but that he took the gangsters to the location of the intended target.

‘So the fact that someone else was charged is neither here nor there” Sykes said.

Mrs Griffiths Ashton responded explaining that the man being tried for Outlaw’s murder has not implicated her client nor any of the defendants in the Klansman gang trial in that incident.

She pleaded with the judge not to allow her client to answer to any charges of being in a criminal organisation or facilitating a murder.

According to the attorney, there’s no surety that it was indeed Outlaw who was killed in that incident the witnesses described.

The trial has been adjourned until Monday at 10 AM.

Stevian Sappleton, for Nationwide News.