An attorney in the King Valley gang trial is seeking to have the key witness in the matter recalled.
The attorney is Everton Byrd who is representing Copeland Sankey otherwise called 2-Pac.
A verdict is expected to be handed down today.
However, Mr. Byrd is seeking to have the witness recalled so he can  put to him a statement that was never admitted into evidence during the trial.
The statement was disclosed to the attorney at the start of the trial.
But it was never entered into evidence.
Mr Byrd admitted he only recently stumbled upon the statement and now wishes to put the statement  to the key witness.
According to the attorney the statement highlights inconsistencies in the witness’ testimony.
Mr. Byrd has cited a particular authority he wishes to rely on that would make the request permissible.
However the court proceedings was  stalled  because Mr. Byrd didn’t have a copy of the authority or case law he’s wishing to use.
Efforts were made to obtain a copy of the documents.
Meanwhile presiding Judge, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes is describing the attorney’s actions as “inefficiency at the highest order”.
Justice Sykes also told the attorney his actions represented a key lack of preparation.