The attorneys for the alleged members of the so-called Uchence Wilson gang are asking the Supreme Court to throw out the matter.
Wilson and 24 of his alleged cronies were brought before the Supreme Court on charges of being part of a criminal organization.

Three of those charged were freed of the charges.

Defense attorneys for the remaining 22 alleged gangsters are asking Chief Justice, Bryan Sykes, to reject months of evidence led by the Crown.

In submissions, the attorneys for Wilson and Fitzroy Scott told the court the Crown hasn’t proven a case against their clients.

Both Wilson and Scott are accused of being leaders of a criminal organization.

In his submission, the attorney for Wilson, Lloyd McFarlane, says the Crown failed to prove essential parts of its case.

Other defense attorneys have echoed similar sentiments.

One of them, Paul Gentles, argued that the Crown hasn’t proven his client, Cornel White, received stolen goods.

Stevenson Bennett’s attorney, Vanessa Taylor, says the Crown has failed to make a prima facie case against her client.

Meanwhile, when the case resumed this morning, Junior Rose and Shadae Beckford, were found not guilty of being part of a criminal organization.

Constable Stephan Martin was freed in the Supreme Court last month.

But, Constable Martin, is still before the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court answering to charges of receiving stolen property.