Opposition spokesman on Industry and Investment, Karl Samuda, has launched a broadside against portfolio Minister, Anthony Hylton, calling for him to be sacked over what he calls the fiasco surrounding the proposed 5-billion US dollar investment in the logistics hub!

A statement yesterday says the National Logistics Initiative Council has been appointed to review information provided by the two potential investors, Krauck Group and Anchor Finance, under the terms of a 30 day MOU.

The council, led by Professor Gordon Shirley, will then make a recommendation to Cabinet on June 1.

But as we hear from Kalilah Enriquez, Mr. Samuda has dismissed the investment proposal as a hoax.

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To put it kindly, Karl Samuda is not impressed with the handling of the Krauck/Anchor proposal.

Professor Shirley and his team are expected to submit their recommendation at the next meeting of the Cabinet on Monday.

But Samuda says the way the entire thing has been handled is an insulting approach to governance.

Mr. Samuda, a former Industry and Investment Minister, says he if were in the seat now, he would dismiss the proposed investment as rubbish.

This as it tarnishes the reputation of the entire Cabinet.

He’s calling on the more senior cabinet members, including the Prime Minister, to intervene.

According to Samuda, Minister Hylton has been assigned the wrong portfolio.