The Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority, JCAA, has contradicted claims by Delta Airlines that there was no fire on flight 304, which was scheduled to depart Sangster International Airport for Atlanta on Monday.

Director General of the JCAA, Nari Williams-Singh, says preliminary investigations have indicated that there was a fire inside the cargo hold of the aircraft.

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On Tuesday, an official of Delta denied that there was a fire on the aircraft.

The official said while there was no fire onboard the plane, a warning on the flight deck indicated that the aircraft was indeed on fire.

The official said investigators were probing why the flight deck gave an inaccurate warning.

Tuesday’s incident forced a three hour shutdown of the country’s busiest airport, with flights having to be diverted to Norman Manley International in Kingston.

Mr. Williams-Singh says the fire may have started in a piece of passenger luggage.

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