Dancehall artiste Baby Cham took to social media on Monday to implore the government to speak out on the multi-million US dollar fraud at Stocks and Securities Limited, SSL.

In an Instagram video, Baby Cham, who’s given name is Damian Beckett, lamented that the government needs to play a more active role in addressing the attack on Usain Bolt, a man he describes as an ambassador of Jamaica, who has greatly contributed to the country’s growth and development.

Baby Cham went further in his criticism, saying we need to hear from Prime Minister, Andrew Holness and Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke, on how they will be restoring a smile to Bolt’s face by ensuring the issues surrounding SSL are dealt with.

The video has amassed 75-thousand views and has garnered many mixed reviews.

One comment from Jafus reads “Jamaica is a failed society whole lotta lobbying been going on down there. there’s plenty other countries that will give you a better return on your investments.”

Another from Paul Distant says “If the PM makes a statement prematurely without the facts people on social media will be saying he only reacts when rich people are affected.”

As the investigation into SSL continues, the Financial Services Commission FSC on Tuesday announced the appoint of Kenneth Tomlinson as temporary manager of the investment firm.