A Beryllium security guard was shot and injured during a daring robbery attempt in Albion, St. Thomas this afternoon.

The security guard has been taken to hospital for treatment. His condition isn’t immediately clear.

The police have confirmed with our news centre that the guard was injured as gunmen opened fire in an attempt to rob the Beryllium team, who were servicing an automated teller machine, ATM.

Videos circulating online show what appear to be the bullet riddled Beryllium security van and doors to the ATM.

The incident happened at a gas station.

It’s unclear if the assailants made off with any money.

In a separate video, gun wielding men can be seen attempting to make a hasty escape from the scene. The video appears to show several men entering two separate vehicles.

At least one of the men can be seen carrying a high powered rifle.

Beryllium has been the target of several daring daylight robbery attempts in recent weeks. In an incident in Portmore, St Catherine in March a security guard was killed.

Six people, including a Beryllium employee, have been taken into custody in relation to that incident.

There was also an attempted robbery in St Elizabeth in April.