People’s National Party, PNP presidential aspirant Peter Bunting, is accusing the party’s leadership of trying to suppress democracy and freedom of speech.

In a stinging address at Caribbean Palms last evening, Mr Bunting suggested that high ranking members of the party are trying to prevent him from campaigning.

Mr. Bunting says he’s been told he doesn’t follow rules, but he says he has no apology for refusing to follow what he sees as suppressive rules.

Mr. Bunting’s Rise United campaign team released a statement over the weekend, rejecting a demand from his opponent’s campaign, that he cease and desist from running media advertisements.

Dr. Peter Phillips’ One PNP campaign has asked the party’s Election Monitoring Committee to denounce the actions of Rise United, which they say are in conflict with the agreed rules of the presidential election.

According to One PNP, the two sides had signed an agreement prohibiting public advertising.

But Mr. Bunting says any directive that hinders him from sharing his campaign message with delegates, is not in the interest of the PNP.

He also called on the PNP to make it’s internal affairs transparent and available to the public.

He also took this swipe at his opponent.

Mr. Bunting was addressing a Rise United mass rally in Dr Angela Brown Burke’s South West St Andrew constituency.

He and incumbent president Dr Peter Phillips, are to face off in heated presidential battle on Saturday.