Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Peter Bunting, is questioning Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ commitment to forming a consensus on crime fighting in the country.

Mr. Bunting, who was addressing a divisional conference in St. Elizabeth, says he’s surprised to hear the Prime Minister now calling for cooperation with the Opposition to fight crime.

He says when Holness was in Opposition, he refused to support key crime and violence reduction strategies proposed by the PNP government.

There have also been questions in recent times as to whether the two major political parties remain committed to the national consensus on crime.

Stakeholders of the Crime Monitoring Oversight Committee, CMOC, have argued there has been a waning in that commitment.

Mr. Bunting says when the Labour Party took power in 2016, the Opposition PNP pleaded with Prime Minister Holness to maintain continuity across some of the violence prevention projects.

He says the government instead chose to rely heavily on the use of States of Public Emergency.

Peter Bunting, Opposition Spokesman on National Security