Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Senator Peter Bunting, is urging investigators and the prosecution to use the Anti Gang legislation to target the leading players in criminal organisations.

Fifteen members of the One Don Klansman Gang, including convicted leader Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan, have been found guilty of being part of the criminal organisation.

They are also convicted on varying charges of murder, conspiracy to murder, arson, illegal possession of firearm and illegal possession of ammunition.

The trial initially started with 33 defendants on September 20, 2021.

Mr Bunting was National Security Minister when the legislation was piloted in parliament.

He also responded to witness statements that came out at the trial, that the gangsters frequented political meetings organised by the People’s National Party, PNP.

Peter Bunting, Opposition Spokesman on National Security, speaking last evening on Nationwide @5.

The sentencing phase of the Klansman gang trial will commence on July 3, 2023.