Peter Bunting’s Rise United campaign team says it’s saddened that Dr. Peter Phillips’s One PNP campaign team has been using washed-up so-called dons in a feeble attempt to force delegates to return Phillips as president of the 81-year old political party.

The allegation was made by the Bunting campaign team in a statement this afternoon.

The statement comes as tensions are intensifying in the Opposition party ahead of its leadership vote on Saturday.

The Rise United team says it wishes to remind all those who may have forgotten that the PNP has long turned away from the use of Dons in the political process.

Bunting’s campaign team says it’s warning the Phillips team that their approach of soliciting the support of Dons will not help them and may cause long term damage to the reputation of the PNP.

In its statement today, the Bunting campaign team also said it’s disappointed by wild and unsubstantiated allegations of vote buying leveled against it by senior members of the Phillips team.

The statement today was entitled ‘One PNP meltdown’.

Bunting’s campaign team says the allegations of vote buying are false and mischievous.

Additionally, the Bunting team says it has long received credible reports of vote buying being carried out by members of Dr. Phillips’ One PNP team.

But, according to Mr. Bunting’s team, it had been attempting to deal with the issue internally.