Sub franchise operators in the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region are upset this afternoon  after receiving a letter from the Jamaica Urban Transit Company, informing them that the operating time on their new licenses has been reduced to weekdays, only.

Director of the Rural Urban Transit Association, RUTA, Lebert Todd, says they were dealt a blow after being told the documents would be renewed if they operated only on weekdays.

But Mr. Todd says the letters are contrary to what was discussed in the meeting with JUTC Managing Director, Colin Campbell, and Transport Minister, Dr. Omar Davies.

Lebert Todd, Director of the Rural Urban Transit Association

He says the actions of the JUTC has badly hurt sub franchise operators.

Roper Defends  Decision

Meanwhile, Board Chairman of the JUTC, Garnet Roper, is defending the transport company’s decision.

Mr. Roper says agreements with the Island Traffic Authority are to provide a specific number of seats and those seats can now be provided in house.

When asked if this new arrangement was approved by the Transport Authority Mr. Roper says the authority does not finance the JUTC.