General Secretary of the governing Peoples National Party, Paul Burke, says the business community need not fear as the party will be tapering off election campaigning by December.

This after Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller announced in Black River St. Elizabeth on Sunday that no election will be called this year.

Many in the private sector, including PSOJ CEO, Dennis Chung, welcomed the move to dispel the uncertainty over a possible 2015 election date.

This Mr. Chung says this forced many businesses onto to the back foot and they were forced to change plans in an effort to avoid election hype.

However, speaking to Nationwide News today, Mr. Burke says he understands the concerns of the business community.

He’s insisting that the PNP has been doing only soft campaigning so far.

Mr. Burke says the PNP’s final parish rally will be December 6 following which campaigning will close for Christmas.

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Meanwhile, JLP General Secretary, Dr. Horace Chang, says they’ll also be refocusing their campaign to softer events until the second week of December.

Dr. Chang says the JLP will be using this additional time over the next few months to strengthen its organization.

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Dr. Chang is also urging the Prime Minister to call elections as soon as possible after the Christmas period.

He says failure to do so will plunge the country back into uncertainty.

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