Jamaica’s national 5000 and 10 thousand meters record holder Kemoy Campbell says he is gonna need at least U.S $50,000 dollars to start paying for his latest surgery which he underwent in Florida a few days ago.

Campbell was speaking with Nationwide Sports from Miami today.

Campbell had to rush to the Miami Baptist Hospital last Tuesday after he started feeling ill while driving and was able to pull over and call emergency only after his ICD provided an electrical shock and got his heart beating again.

He underwent surgery on Friday to replace the ICD and the new one will now act as a pacemaker.

Now Campbell who retired from athletics last September, seven months after collapsing at the Millrose Games in New York because of heart failure, says he needs help to pay his medical bills and even though he is not quite sure of the amount at this moment, 50 thousand U.S he says would be a good start

Campbell says the surgery lasted an hour and half and he is now following the instructions of the surgeon as it regards his recovery

Campbell says he and his friends and relatives have started a go fund me account and he says information can be found in his bio on his Instagram page.

Campbell is enrolled under the government’s Athletes Insurance plan and is entitled to coverage under the group health, group life and group personal accident plans.