The candidates are gearing up for Monday’s by-election in South East Clarendon.

The Jamaica Labour Party’s Pearnel Charles Junior and Independent candidate, Derrick Lambert, are to face off when the polls open at 7 am.

The by-election is occasioned by the resignation of South East Clarendon’s former MP, Rudyard Spencer.

Stevian Simmonds reports.

Mr Charles Junior says while the campaign was generally peaceful, there were a number of incidents.

The former Senator says he’s managed to narrow down the main issues facing the people in the constituency.

Mr. Charles Junior says he’s exploring job creation initiatives focused on creating employment in the BPO, tourism and other sectors.

Meanwhile, Independent Candidate, Derrick Lambert, says he wants to create what he calls a new economy in the constituency, one fueled by medicinal marijuana.

Mr Lambert represented the PNP in the 2011 elections.

He lost to the JLP’s Rudyard Spencer by just over 100 votes.

He decided to contest the by-election, after hearing that the PNP’s caretaker for the constituency, Patricia Duncan Sutherland, would not contest the by-election because the party believes the government should not hold a by election when a general election is constitutionally due next year.

Mr Lambert is also describing as a joke, the government’s response to the crime issues plaguing the parish.