The Cannabis Licensing Authority CLA says it has not yet started accepting applications for licenses, despite the April 4 start date it had previously announced.

In February, the CLA had said it would begin accepting applications for eleven types of licenses across five main categories being offered.

But a member of the CLA Secretariat, Shulette Cox, says the delay has been caused by the change in government.

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CLA Chairman Dr. Andre Gordon says while Minister of Industry Karl Samuda has seen the draft regulations, a meeting is scheduled with the Minister of Justice to review and approve them before the industry can begin operations.

The Authority says it had hoped that it would’ve been able to release the application forms, eligibility criteria and price structure to potential licensees under Jamaica‚Äôs legal cannabis industry.

But these have to be the subject of Ministerial approval and must await the meeting which, they expect will be able to take place shortly.

The CLA says it expects that it will start reviewing applications before the end of the month.

It notes that once the interim regulations have been agreed, the Authority will still continue its consultations with the hosting of a series of town-hall meetings islandwide, where it hopes to gather additional information to refine the licensing regime.