Regional Carrier, Caribbean Airlines, says while it has been forced to reduce its weekly flight schedule, it’s coping with the fallout in the aviation industry spawned by the COVID-19 pandemic.

But, the airline says it is unable to put a dollar value to the losses it has sustained as a result of the global coronavirus crisis.

Already airlines in some of the most affected countries have already started to request of their governments, bailout packages as they brace for the potentially devastating impact the Pandemic could have on the sector.

However one of the region’s leading carriers, Caribbean Airlines have had to slightly reduce their over 600 weekly flights to 22 domestic and international destinations but say at the moment they are managing to cope.

Dionne Ligoure is the Airlines Manager of Communications and she told Nationwide News that she is unable to say what the loss is in real dollar figure at the moment.

Ligoure says non of the 19 planes in fleet have been grounded and they have not being forced, at least not at this time to layoff anyone of their employees, if anything she says the situation has strengthen their resolve

Ligoure says the Airlines management is constantly in touch with their stakeholders mainly the Governments of Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago who have ownership in the airline and so would have no reservation is seeking their assistance if and when the need arise.