Embattled Telecommunications firm, Caricel, is vowing to continue its fight at the United Kingdom-based Privy Council to keep it’s local licenses.

Caricel, which is a subsidiary of Symbiote Investments, was last week struck another blow when the Court of Appeal upheld a decision allowing the government to revoke its licenses.

An official of Caricel, Minette Lawrence, says she suspects they’ll get a more favorable ruling outside the Jamaican government’s jurisdiction. Mrs. Lawrence says Symbiote has no other choice but to take its fight to the Privy Council.

The licenses were revoked by the government last year due to adverse security traces of one of its principals. Previously, the Supreme court had upheld the government’s decision.

It however granted Caricel a stay of execution while it pursued its appeal.
But, the Court of Appeal also upheld the decision. This has prompted the Office of Utilities Regulation, OUR, moving to ensure Caricel ceases all operations.

Mrs. Lawrence says the tone of the OUR is unfortunate considering the company has already given the proper assurances.

Mrs. Lawrence says they’ve made arrangements to protect their employees and customers while it continues its battle. She says they expect a more favourable outcome at the Privy Council.