A carrier licence holder is protesting higher late fees for renewals. The carrier licence, also known as green plate, is a commercial licence.

Holders of that category of licence generally use it to transport goods.

Carlton Simpson says he was asked to pay $10-thousand in late fees when he tried to renew his carrier licence in June.

He says that’s in addition to the $14-thousand he’s to pay annually for the special licence.

Mr Simpson says the Transport Authority is insisting that payments for licenses be made at their Head Office, but says that system is why he’s incurred a late charge.

Carlton Simpson, commercial vehicle operator speaking recently with Nationwide News.

Managing Director of the Transport Authority, Cecil Morgan says the late fee was raised from $2,500 to $10-thousand on June 3.

He says the fee is necessary because late renewal puts more pressure on the authority.

Mr Morgan says while he’s open to helping Mr Simpson, thousands of red and green plate owners operating illegally are of concern.

Cecil Morgan, Managing Director of the Transport Authority.