Opposition Senators, have told Nationwide News, that they’ll be voting their conscience for the three CCJ bills now being debated in the Senate.

However, Senators Dr. Christopher Tufton and Alexander Williams have declined to say whether they’ll be voting independently of the position of the Jamaica Labour Party.

Senator Tufton says when he makes his contribution to the debate next week, his position will become much clearer.

He was speaking to Nationwide News before entering the Senate to start the debate on the CCJ bills.

Opposition Senator Arthur Williams has expressed a similar position.

Speaking at a Rotary event recently, Senator Williams said when he votes, he’ll allow his conscience to guide him.

Senators Tufton and Williams are the centre of attention in the debate, given their recent tumultuous relationship with the Opposition Leader over undated resignation letters.

Meanwhile, Government Senator, Sandrea Falconer has called on the Opposition to make good sense prevail and vote for the entrenchment of the CCJ as Jamaica’s Final Appellate court.

Another government Senator, Dr. Angela Brown-Burke says it’s important, that each senator votes for the CCJ, in order to afford justice, access and affordability to the Jamaican people.