Youth Minister, Floyd Green, says a merger of the Child Development Agency, CDA and the Office of the Children’s Registry OCR, is to be completed by July this year.

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He announced last month that both agencies were to be merged after their effectiveness came into question.

This, after Nationwide News reported the case of a 7-year old girl who was allegedly being sexually molested by a male relative.

Both agencies admitted they received the report between August and September last year.

But up to January 17 this year, the girl hadn’t been rescued from the home.

It was revealed that poor communication between the agencies was a factor in them failing to locate the child.

Minister Green later announced the appointment of Michael McAnuff-Jones to chair a committee to review the merger of the CDA and the OCR.

He says the merged entity will have a central reporting system.

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Floyd Green was speaking this afternoon at a media conference at the Overseas Examination Commission.