A St. James man is to return to court on September 27 to answer charges of Resisting Arrest and Indecent Language. Police say, Robert Lee Young, otherwise called ‘Changa Changa’ is a “novelty entertainer”.

He was charged following an incident on July 12, in which he allegedly refused to comply with the instructions of a Policeman.

According to the JCF’s communications unit, the policeman was on duty along Jimmy Cliff Boulevard in Montego Bay, when Young’s behaviour aroused his suspicion.

The policeman reportedly asked to search his bag, but Young refused, and allegedly shoved the policeman and cursed him out.

His case was mentioned in the Parish Court last week Wednesday, where it was transferred to the Petty Sessions Court.

The JCF says it’s committed to respecting the fundamental rights and practices of all groups within the society.

However, they’re reminding the public that several laws, including the Constabulary Force Act, the Road Traffic Act and the Town and Communities Act, give them powers to search upon reasonable suspicion, and as such, requests should be complied with.

Moreover, the law requires that the public comply with the requests of the Police generally in all circumstances, and refrain from behaviour that obstructs them from carrying out their duties.