South St. Andrew MP, Mark Golding, is this morning apologising for his use of homophobic slurs against JLP MP for East Central St. Catherine, Alando Terrelonge.

The apology comes under 24-hours after a two-sentence press release by the PNP expressing regret at what it says was viewed as homophobic utterances made by some of its spokespersons at a party conference on Sunday.

On Sunday Mr. Golding was among the three MPs who launched several attacks at Mr. Terrelonge.

The others were North West St. Ann MP, Dr. Dayton Campbell and PNP Deputy Chairman, Horace Dalley.

He took to Facebook some 7-hours ago to apologise publicly to the sitting MP.

Mr. Golding said his conscience would not allow him to let the events of the weekend go without him personally responding to what happened.

He says he’s publicly and personally apologising to Mr. Terrelonge, who he disparaged in what he described as a moment of platform intoxication last Sunday evening.

He says he regrets getting caught up in the hoopla of a political meeting and indulging in that unworthy form of political discourse.

Mr.Golding says, in particular, this is so, since Mr. Terrelonge has always treated him with respect and decency, and since in his own life and dealings, he has advocated for everyone to be treated with equal respect and decency.

The PNP MP says Mr. Terrelonge did not deserve it, especially coming from him.

He ended the Facebook post by writing ‘ So I’m sorry, my political colleague. Walk good.’

Human Rights Activist, Suzanne Goffe, says the backlash faced by some members of the Opposition PNP for their use of homophobic slurs to sure upvotes in East Central St Catherine, maybe a sign of changing times.

She says it’s time local politicians elevate the level of the discourse while on the political platform by addressing real issues surrounding their candidates.

Suzanne Goffe, Human Rights Activist.

Meanwhile, Executive Director of local gay rights lobby, J-FLAG, Jaevion Nelson, is describing the recent utterances from the political platform as unfortunate.

Mr. Nelson also notes the power of social media in effecting change.

And, he’s welcoming a statement of regret from the PNP about the remarks from its members on Sunday.

Jaevion Nelson, Political Commentator and Executive Director of J-FLAG.

They were speaking last evening on Nationwide @ 5 with Cliff Hughes and Rodje Malcolm.

In the meantime, Political Commentator, Nadeen Spence, says Jamaicans have grown less responsive to homophobic rhetoric from politicians.

She’s urging citizens to respond when they hear comments they disagree with coming from politicians on the political platform.

And, she also expressed particular disappointment in Mark Golding’s utterances at Sunday’s constituency meeting in East Central St Catherine.

Nadeen Spence, Political Commentator, speaking last evening on Nationwide @ 5.