Nationwide News understands charges are expected to be laid against the reputed leader of the St. Catherine-based Klansman Gang, Tesha Miller, later this week.

Miller was taken into custody on Monday by Police investigators from the Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation Branch, C-TOC.

Our news centre understands he’s being held in relation to at least two ongoing investigations. It’s understood Miller will remain in custody while the police continue their investigations. His attorney, Christopher Townsend, says he’ll be filing a habeas corpus writ if his client is held without being charged.

Miller was arrested Monday afternoon at a plaza in Barbican, St. Andrew. A woman understood to be Miller’s girlfriend and another man were taken into custody along with Miller.

The police arrested Miller last year and held him in custody for nearly ten days before charging him with making a false declaration.

That was in relation to using fake names to leave the island. He was fined JMD$100 for the offence.