President of the National Water Commission, NWC, Mark Barnett, says the China Harbour Engineering Company, CHEC has in the past ignored its concerns regarding the repairs of broken pipelines.

The NWC has now filed a multi-million dollar claim against the Chinese firm to recoup losses suffered due to the road works being undertaken by the company.

Road rehabilitation works by CHEC has reportedly led to several pipes being broken which caused severe disruptions in water supplies across the Kingston Metropolitan Region.

Mr. Barnett says they would not have resorted to filing a claim if CHEC was undertaking immediate repairs to their network when there were disruptions.

He says their pipelines were broken over 60 times.

The NWC President says their pipelines along the Mandela Highway and Constant Spring road were among the ones mostly affected.

Mark Barnett, President of the National Water Commission.

He was speaking with Dennis Brooks and Kalilah Reynolds on Nationwide this Morning.

In the meantime, Mr. Barnett says water restrictions in the corporate area could get worst if there’s no rainfall by the end of this week heading into next week.

He also provided an update on the storage levels in the two major water supply facilities serving the Corporate Area.