A child was shot and injured yesterday in the vicinity of Jarrett Lane, in East Kingston, as rival gangs continue to hold some areas there under siege.

Amid the unceasing violence, Councillor for the Norman Gardens Division in the constituency, Angela Brown Burke, says she wants the government to declare the area a Zone of Special Operations.

The police were last night unable to provide Nationwide News with much information on the shooting yesterday which has left a child injured.

The child — said to be a girl between 3 and 6 years old — was taken to hospital.

Following the latest flare up of violence, the police say they’ve restored calm. But for some, there’s been no real abating of the violence that’s gripped that part of East Kingston since about May this year.

A longtime resident of East Kingston, Desmond Richards, who’s a businessman and journalist, says what’s happening there is ‘terrorism’.

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His indication that people are fleeing communities in East Kingston in droves, out of fear, is supported by Mrs. Brown Burke.

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She says the residents are ‘terrified’.

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In last evening’s interview on Nationwide @5, she declared that she wants the parts of East Kingston being rocked by violence to be declared Zones of Special Operations.

But not only there. Other parts of the Corporate Area.

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Her call really echoes what some beleaguered residents of East Kingston have already asked for.

They are ready and hoping the government’s main anti-crime initiative will help their plight.