The Office of the Children’s Advocate, OCA, has launched an investigation into the treatment of a 14-year-old girl who was allegedly raped in Portmore, St Catherine on Sunday.

The Police Inspectorate has launched a separate investigation into why the girl was transported in the same service vehicle with one of her two alleged rapists.

The Inspectorate is also investigating how the alleged rapist was able to escape from the police while entering the Waterford Police Station, in St. Catherine.

The 14-year-old girl was allegedly abducted at knife-point in lower St. Andrew and taken to Portmore St. Catherine on Sunday evening, where she was raped by two men..

The JCF’s Corporate Communications Unit this afternoon confirmed to Nationwide News that its inspectorate branch is investigating the disturbing report that the child was taken in the same vehicle with one of her two rapists.

Having just endured being raped the girl had to suffer being driven in the same vehicle with one of her attackers.

The alleged rapist was picked up by the Police in Waterford from the house the act was perpetrated.

According to the Gleaner report this morning, the child had just taken the Police to the house where she was raped.

This is not to be done.

Head of the JCF’s Corporate Communications Unit, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, says the Inspectorate is probing to confirm whether the victim was transported to the station in the same vehicle as the attacker, and also how the attacker escaped police custody.

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Superintendent Lindsay also confirmed that the child was abducted in Kingston.

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And Head of the St. Catherine South division of Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Assaults, and Child Abuse, Detective Sargeant Mervilyn Bernette says the victim is to receive counseling from the Victim Support Unit of the Justice Ministry.

But up to this afternoon, a social worker at the Victim Support Unit, Kevin Edwards, told Nationwide News that his agency was still awaiting a referral from CISOCA, on the child.

Efforts to contact the child’s family have been unsuccessful. However, it’s understood that she has since received medical attention, and her family is arranging for her to receive counseling.

In the meantime Children’s Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison says her office is also launching an investigation into the incident.

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