Scores of workers employed by the China Harbour Engineering Company, CHEC, in St. Ann, have blocked a vital route in the parish, to protest against what they say is the company’s unprincipled stance in ongoing wage negotiations.

The angry workers blocked sections of the Chalky Hill main road, a route used by trucks or other vehicles deemed too large to navigate the tight turns of the Fern Gully.

Nationwide News understands that the workers have requested a wage increase, retroactive to February 1 this year.

But its understood that CHEC is insisting that any wage increase will have to be retroactive to April 16.

The MP for North East, St. Ann, Shahine Robinson, is leading the negotiations on behalf of the workers.

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Mrs. Robinson says efforts are being made to clear the roadblocks.

She says the workers will not return to work today.

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Shahine Robinson, MP for North East St Ann

Up to news time, several attempts to make contact with representatives of CHEC were unsuccessful.