Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck, says timelines will be set for every court matter.

This forms part of the government’s bid to speed up cases dragging through the courts. He says there exists a ‘culture of delays’ in the justice system.

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The Justice Minister says he’s going to demand an audit of all court files.

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Mr. Chuck says the Chief Justice, the Prime Minister and other stakeholders of the Cabinet and the Judiciary, are to meet two times per year to discuss measures to improve efficiency in the justice system.

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In the meantime, Minister Chuck, says the government is committing to providing Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, with all the resources he wants to improve the justice system.

Chief Justice Sykes says he’ll transform the justice system in the next three years. Mr. Chuck says Chief Justice Sykes has been dubbed the ‘chief whip’ by his colleagues.

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And Minister Chuck is urging the nation’s Justices of the Peace to play their role in reducing the backlog of cases by addressing less serious matters before they reach the court.

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