Defence attorney in the Klansman Gang Trial, Lloyd McFarlane, today blasted a police witness saying he seemed clueless about the evidence he was presenting to the court. 

McFarlane is lead attorney for Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan, the man accused of being the leader of the One Don faction of the gang. 

The Police Corporal on the witness stand had analysed data stored on three cell phones used by the prosecution’s star witness to secretly record cell phone conversations with the alleged Klansman gangsters. 

The prosecution is seeking to establish evidence those conversations occurred and confirm the dates, times and duration of the calls. 

However, faced with questions about the data stored on the cell phones the witness was unable to explain sufficiently how some were generated. 

The witness couldn’t explain whether it was the phones’ user or the manufacture who’d installed the application said to be used to record the calls. 

The prosecution star witness had said he downloaded the application on the phones. 

The Police Corporal also had difficulty explaining which of the calls were outgoing and incoming. 

At one point an annoyed McFarlane objected saying “this witness is presenting evidence on things he seems clueless about”. 

The Police Corporal wrapped up his testimony on the cell phone data today.