Attorneys representing PNP Communication Director Colin Campbell say he’s strongly denied allegations, accusing him of distributing defamatory information against West Portland MP, Daryl Vaz.

Mr. Campbell is being represented by Knight, Junor, and Samuels.

The law firm’s response is contained in a letter addressed to Vaz’s attorney, Queen’s Counsel, George Soutar. Nationwide News obtained a copy, seen below.

Over the weekend, QC Soutar had written to Campbell.

He stated that his instructions were that at 9.34 a.m on Thursday, November 8, 2019, Campbell forwarded to a PNP WhatsApp group entitled ‘2019 PNP MPs and caretakers’ written communication which makes defamatory, false, scurrilous and vicious allegations about Minister Vaz.

Mr. Soutar told the PNP Communication Director that the evidence in Vaz’s possession shows that Campbell published the defamatory material to in excess of 60 recipients and it has since been widely distributed on social media.

It further stated that for the avoidance of doubt, Mr. Campbell has instructed them that he neither authored nor published defamatory material as alleged.

Campbell’s legal team led by K.D. Knight is denying this allegation.

QC Soutar says told the PNP Communication Director that he’s being offered an opportunity to make amends by issuing a public apology via social media and in both national newspapers as well as entering into discussions regarding compensation.

Soutar warned Campbell that should he not agree to those terms within seven days, Minister Vaz will sue him.

But Mr. Knight says in the event that Mr. Vaz files a claim against Mr. Campbell, it will be vigorously defended and countered.

He aslo says that based on the instructions from Mr. Campbell, they’re of the view that their client is being defamed by Mr. Vaz.