Political Commentator, Kevin O’Brien Chang, is accusing politicians from both major political parties of a mass conspiracy engineered to ensure that they aren’t imprisoned for misuse of public funds.

He was reacting to Friday’s Court ruling that 5 of seven accused in a 400-million dollar fraud scheme at the Manchester Municipal Corporation, were found guilty.

Some of those found guilty are former employees of the Corporation, including former Superintendent of Roads and Works Sanjay Elliot, the alleged mastermind of the fraudulent multi-million scheme.

He says it’s deliberate that politicians rarely face prosecution for misappropriating taxpayer’s money.

Kevin O’Brien Chang, Political Commentator.

Meanwhile, Political Commentator Nadeen Spence, agreed with Mr. O’Brien Chang.

While hailing the judgement, she says more needs to be done to eliminate the trust deficit that many Jamaicans have towards the criminal justice system.

Nadeen Spence, Political Commentator. They were speaking on Friday’s edition of Nationwide @ 5.