Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson, has told Cabinet that the police have strong leads and are in pursuit of suspects involved in the brazen robbery at a supermarket on Sunday in May Pen, Clarendon.

A statement today from the Office of the Prime Minister says Chairman of the Cabinet, Prime Minister Andrew Holness, has revealed that Commissioner Anderson briefed Cabinet on current policing initiatives.

The statement says Prime Minister Holness also gave an update on recent incidents of crime across the island.

According to the OPM, Cabinet, which is the chief policy making organ of the Government, sought a first hand view of general strategies being implemented to continue the gains in the crime fight.

An update was also sought by Cabinet on several incidents which have taken place across the island, including the robbery in Clarendon.

The OPM says Commissioner Anderson noted that the police acted bravely and responsibly in ensuring the protection of innocent lives given the intensity of the gun battle and the use of hostages by the criminals.

According to the OPM, Cabinet expressed support for the police, especially those injured, and welcomed the Commissioner’s commitment that necessary resources will be allocated for the care of the injured officers.

The OPM says the Government continues to work closely with the security forces in providing the necessary legislative and budgetary support to ensure that they are able to effectively secure the nation.