Two Political Analysts say data revealed in the Don Anderson and Bill Johnson polls yesterday don’t reflect the sentiments of PNP delegates ahead of the September 7 Presidential contest.

According to Political Analyst, Nadeen Spence, the polls were conducted to convince delegates about who would be more likely to win against the Andrew Holness-led Jamaica Labour Party in the next general election.

She says the responses to the polls yesterday from both the One PNP and Rise United teams is a clear indication that the polls were done to show who may give the party a better chance of forming government.

Nadeen Spence, Political Analyst.

Political Analyst and Professor at the University of the West Indies, Donna Hope agrees that the polls were less about who the delegates would vote for on September 7.

Professor Donna Hope, Political Analyst.

They were speaking on Nationwide this Morning with Dennis Brooks and Patria-Kaye Aarons .

The Don Anderson Poll, commissioned by Peter Bunting’s team, shows Bunting significantly more favoured nationally to lead the PNP at this time.

However, the Bill Johnson Poll, commissioned by Dr. Peter Phillips’ One PNP Campaign, suggests that he has a better chance of taking on Prime Minister Holness than his challenger.